Home of the Tastiest Dishes in Town!

This is our gathering place for scheduling and planning our monthly “Short Order” sessions. We play a single 3-4 hour session, which is then edited and broadcast over the ensuing four weeks in four 45-60 minute episodes. This is a great way to play games we normally wouldn’t get a chance to to, and for folks to take a turn at the GMing seat without committing to a long-term campaign. Particularly popular games may merit multiple monthly sessions or even a promotion to our “regular” Sunday slot!

Games normally take place on the first Sunday of every month, unless otherwise pre-empted by holidays, calendrical oddities, disruptions in the space-time continuum, natural disasters, nationwide pandemics, or general societal collapse.

Use the Forums to pitch game ideas and gauge interest, and the Calendar to schedule games. If you are running the game, you are responsible for organizing and scheduling!

Bon appétit!